The Catalyst NFT Collection

“The Catalyst” Collection consists of 8 1/1 NFTs on xxxNifty, marketplace for adult NFTs. Along with the NFT collection I’m also releasing a limited edition merch line and the introduction to my Collectors Club!

The Catalyst Wearable Art Collection. Only 50 pieces of each item will be available. Owner of the Catalyst painting NFT gets profit share from the sales. Available to purchase on my Etsy shop.

The collection is based on the live painting I created on stage during Exxxotica Miami in September 2021. I created an abstract painting using only my body, no brushes.

Painting live at Exxxotica Miami- Day 1

There are 7 collage style collectible NFT pieces and 1 NFT backed by the physical painting. Buy through xxxNifty site using $NSFW, $ETH OR $BNB.

Each NFT comes with a bunch of extras, surprises & additional value!

The NFT collectibles from The Catalyst Collection

The NFTs are going live on Friday, October 15 at 2 pm est on xxxNifty. The Catalyst painting will be auctioned off.

Live painting at Exxxotica Miami- Day 3

Each NFT comes with a bunch of perks & extras! Read on to learn what those are…

What collectors get in addition to the NFTs:

NFT collectibles that come with extras & surprises. Impelled, The Agitator, Incitement, Goad & Synergism

5 of the collectible NFTs come with:

  • The mini painting used in the collage (created on stage during the painting performance)
  • Exxxotica Miami NFT
  • A surprise! Each piece comes with special extras, randomly attached to each piece.
  • 20 PolyAnnie collectors club points
  • Thank you video that explains the piece and your extras

Your NFT will come with ONE of these surprises:

  • A Metamask wallet seed phrase loaded with 700,043 $NSFW, a small amount of BNB & 444 $HEX
  • PolyAnnie NFT bundle. The entire PolyAnnie eeths collection + 2 early NFTs with unlockable content sets
  • 6 months access to my OnlyFans + one free piece of merch from “The Catalyst” merch collection.
  • The entire PolyAnnie sticker & print collection + Neck Gaiter from “The Catalyst” merch collection
  • 3 custom photo edits/collages- PolyAnnie style, your photos. Can be SFW or NSFW & you have full rights to do whatever you’d like with them
The Catalyst Painting

The 1/1 NFT of “The Catalyst” painting comes with:

  • the physical painting created live at Exxxotica Miami (3’x4’ acrylic on canvas) Blacklight reactive
  • Laminated artist statement & Laminated QR code for NFT (for collector to display in an irl gallery)
  • 30% of profit from product line sales (merch line created from painting- paid monthly for one year from date of purchase)
  • the entire PolyAnnie eeths NFT collection + Exxxotica Miami NFT
  • 40 PolyAnnie collectors club points
  • Thank you video explaining the piece & how to claim the extras
Activate & Mirrored Consciousness

2 of the collectible style NFTs are priced lower & come with 10 PolyAnnie collectors club points.

The NFTs are collage style images, combining the paintings and photos from the Miami trip. (⅗ photos I took myself. 2 photos from Jonathan) Other than the physical paintings, every other step in the creative process was done from mobile, using a variety of apps. Creating from mobile is efficient and allows me great freedom.

The NFTs are going live on Friday, October 15 at 2 pm est on xxxNifty. You can purchase them with $NSFW (the xxxNifty project token), $ETH OR $BNB.

The Merch Line

Wearable NFT art items based on the Catalyst painting are available in my Etsy shop. Only 50 of each item will be available. Items include a neck gaiter, t-shirts, crop tops, sweatpants, boxer briefs and a dress. The owner of the Catalyst NFT and physical painting will receive 30% of profit from the merch items.

The PolyAnnie Collectors Club

This is something I have wanted to do for a long while now. Providing my collectors with additional value within my work. With this drop I am rolling out the beginning phase of this collectors club. I want it to based on points, which in time will become like a currency that can be used within my brand, and eventually with other creators. Points can be redeemed for discounts on merch, access to exclusive content, items & NFTs, and much more. I’ll be tracking the points manually for now, until I can raise enough money to develop something better.

More about the live painting experience

I stood there standing in front of the blank canvas, paints at my feet, audience behind me, my clothes still bright white. I had no idea how this would go, no vision, no concept. I just let go and made a beautiful mess. I did this 3 days in a row at the Exxxotica Miami expo on the main stage. Live abstract painting performances using only my body to paint. All completely improv. The end result was fantastic! The experience even more so! It was an adventure painting in this way. I felt completely in my element, I had the time of my life up there on that stage making a mess, creating art. The rightness of how it all felt signifies a new phase of my artistic journey. This piece is a catalyst.

It’s an evolution of my creative expression as well as the economy I create around my work as an NFT creator.

This is the beginning of a new form of performance art for me, an evolution of all the forms of expression I have explored in my life. It’s also an evolution of the economy I create around my work as an NFT creator. Using this whole creative experience to level up in my NFT strategy, running a new round of experiments.

Live painting at Exxxotica Miami — Day 3

The Exxxotica team is so incredible, they support arts of all types and allow me to present a variety of acts on the main stage. This time I wanted to try live painting using only my body. I loved it so much I’ll be performing this act at the NJ & DC events. The next event is in Edison, NJ Oct. 22–24.

I began live painting via live stream in 2019 and into the covid lockdowns in 2020/2021. Miami Exxxotica was my first time performing like this in front of a live audience with time constraints. Normally a painting like this would take me 5–7 sessions (about 10 hours), but a lot of conversing in between painting to allow layers to dry. In Miami I had 25 minutes a day, with poor lighting for painting, in front of a live audience on a stage. It was like speed painting where half the time I couldn’t even see what I was doing. The lighting guy would use the black lights in and out. I had fluorescent paints which looked amazing in that lighting, but the other colors were not distinguishable. It was an interesting challenge. I had to paint fast, with no time to let layers dry, all while not seeing what I was doing! I loved every second of it though! It made it challenging enough to get into a flow state each day.

Live painting at Exxxotica Miami- Day 1

I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I do! I look forward to the next live painting experience.

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