PolyAnnie’s new NFT art collection- Portals- will be available on xxxNifty on Jan. 25, 2022 at 2 pm est. Check them out here.

xxxNifty is an NFT marketplace for adult high end, unique erotic and adult NFTs. I’ve been using this marketplace for my work since April 2021. I believe they have the largest collection of adult NFTs available at this time but check it out for yourself: https://www.xxxnifty.com

Included in this drop is the original painting created live at Exxxotica DC sold as an NFT and 7 digital art collectibles. They are available to purchase using $NSFW, $ETH or $BNB through xxxNifty.com. Minted on opensea.

Prices range between $222-$5000 and each piece gets you an entry to play the Collectors game where buyers ALL win cool extras like stickers & my painted NSFW hat! More on the prizes later in the blog…

Pieces in the Portals collection available on xxxNifty- https://nft.xxxnifty.com/creator/polyannie/

About the Portals painting

I create abstract paintings live as an improv stage performance using only my body to paint the canvas. Leaving myself a match to the art I create! I then collage my photos all painted up with my painting photos to create NFT collections. Then I reflect on the work and explore themes that relate to my life at the time to tell the story of the work.

Portals was created at Exxxotica DC in Dec of 2021. I worked on the painting all 3 days of the event.

Day 2 Exxxotica DC. Photo credit: Joseph Munisteri

To me when I create these collections, it’s a whole journey, mind-body-spirit. I guess you could say each painting is a portal of its own! Starting from the decision to apply to perform and paint, actually traveling and painting on stage to going inward & contemplating what I was expressing, then telling the story & presenting the work!

This is the third painting of its kind I’ve released. I’m grateful for Exxxotica for giving me the opportunity to paint on stage like this!! Exxxotica is the largest adult event in the United States. If you are interested in the world of sexuality it’s a must check out event- https://exxxoticaexpo.com/

Recap video of PolyAnnie Exxxotica DC painting above 👆

My thoughts about the Portal Collection👆

About the pieces

This NFT collection is made up of 8 pieces.

Each buyer gets:

  • A video explaining the piece & the collection
  • A commemorative Exxxotica DC NFT
  • Access to Poly’s People collectors club on Telegram
  • Access to the Collectors Game to win prizes and cool stuff!

Giggle Mode

$343 +15 collectors club points

Giggle mode opens portals to good things. Non resistant fun sets the stage for more fun and good times.

Seat of Creation

$643 +20 collectors club points

Buyer gets a virtual coffee date with me. 30–60 minutes one on one call to chat about whatever!

We have incredible creative abilities should we chose to sit in that seat.

Day Dreams

$543 +20 collectors club points

Buyer will receive one of my decorated clipboards and a hand written letter about the collection.

Allowing ourselves to dream about what we would like our life to be helps to create the framework for it to be.

Key to the Beyond

$943 +20 collectors club points

Buyer gets a card reading and coordinating custom art. A creative and spiritual experience. Buyer retains full rights to the custom piece created.

It’s a transitional period. Entering a dark tunnel but knowing it goes somewhere, somehow.

I’m Here for It

$222 +10 collectors club points

I sure don’t know what I’m going for… but I’m gonna go for it for sure.

Life Force

$333 +15 collectors club points

We do exist and in existing can access available energy.

I’m Glitching

$222 +10 collectors club points

Transition isn’t always fun and easy. It’s ok to glitch.


$5000 +40 collectors club points

Buyer receives:

  • the physical painting- 3’x4’ and partnered rights to further monetization from the painting, future merch line, etc…
  • A laminated physical and digital version of PolyAnnie’s artist statement and QR code for nft link
  • Access to all the photos & videos from the event

When you own my paintings you hold are part of my spirit with you always. The spirit of freedom.

All pieces can be purchased here : nft.xxxnifty.com/creator/polyannie/

About the Game…

A fun opportunity to win free stuff just for my collectors.

Buy an nft from the portals collection and get to play the game.

It goes like this:

  • Buy an NFT from the PolyAnnie Portals Collection
  • Join Poly’s People on Telegram
  • Pick a card
  • Win a prize!!
  • Redeem or trade your prize with other collectors

Prizes include:

My Thanks:

First I want to give the biggest THANKS to my collectors!! You all made all this possible!

Second I want to give a big thanks my Exxxotica buddy & crew none of this would have been the same without them!!

Third thanks goes to the Exxxotica staff!! The MC, the DJ, the sound & light guys, the stage hands, the organization team, the whole event is fucking great. Supportive, helpful, kind, good at what they do. https://twitter.com/exxxotica?s=21

Fourth thanks goes to xxxNifty & most specifically Ben. We attended 3 Exxxotica expos together and both really grew a lot through the experiences! https://twitter.com/xxxnifty?s=21

Next thanks goes to Joe Munisteri for helping me document this experience!! An amazing and talented human. A credit to the flock. Give him a follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/butterfliesinsp?s=21

Another big thanks to Sarah Lace, adult star and friend!! And the amazing photographer Richard Gilkes.

Follow RGilkes here: https://twitter.com/35mmblack?s=21

Follow Sarah Lace: https://twitter.com/iamsarahlace?s=21

And last but not least… Krissy Phoenix, Not Granola & Busen Reloaded!! Thanks for being my support the last couple of months. You all keep me afloat and I appreciate!!

I hope you all enjoy this collection!!! All my love-

  • PolyAnnie

Support my work by purchasing my NFTs https://nft.xxxnifty.com/creator/polyannie

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