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3 min readMar 2, 2021


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have utility as an artistic medium; at the same time NFTs are inherently a financial tool. Factoring these truths together opens the possibilities of systematically creating, storing and moving value within works of art.

Building games with art NFTs sets the conditions for artists to engage their fans in activities that promote artists and at the same time earn scalable wealth.

Win, win games that help artists and their fans generate value challenges the old paradigm of hoping the elite class and their algorithms accept our artistic contributions.

This game provides artists the means of built-in reciprocity as they grow their communities. Artists can now create value in a system that by nature grows and returns that value to the original creators.

A new age of creativity is at hand as the system can easily reciprocate any artistic contribution — freeing art from the limiting dynamic of seeking popularity and algorithmic favor.

I’ve chosen Holo / Holochain / $HOT as the subject of the first game!

I discovered Holochain before I got into blockchain and crypto, about a year ago. The team was still building it, so I moved on to blockchain until they were ready. They are now running their first beta testing on the infrastructure!! I’ve been excited for this time to come!

Holochain is a framework for distributed apps. With the holoport I have in my house, I’ll be able to host my own apps, and help host other people’s apps. Instead of AWS making mega profits… it puts the power in the hands of the people. On Holochain each node (person) has full control of their own data chain! It was hard for me to accept blockchain having learned about this tech first. HOT is the crypto token for the project.

I’m using this pilot game to raise awareness about Holo/ Holochain and create an onboarding ramp for crypto users to get into $HOT.

To add more value to the Holochain community, the Currency Skunks will be leading Clubhouse talks about the project and releasing content on social media.

How it works:

  • PolyAnnie mints 10 Holochain inspired art NFTs
  • Each piece priced at .1 $ETH (1 $ETH total)
  • Polyannie converts .5 $ETH to $HOT once all 10 are sold
  • NFT holders unlock reserved $HOT upon resale of all 10 pieces in the series. *This adds game-theory of depending on others’ actions for an outcome, at the same time promoting cooperation.*
  • Royalties of 20% apply on all subsequent sales.

Check out the NFT on Rarible !

Artist Wins:

  • Sales create sales (builds momentum for artist brand)
  • Increase visibility and reputation with purposeful passing of art value
  • Royalties from secondary sales

Player/Investor Wins:

  • On-board to a new system (Holochain)
  • Gains value-growing NFT
  • Earns from NFT resale
  • Earns from growing $HOT token

Community Wins:

  • On-boarding new members
  • Built-in reciprocity is a just way of creating community
  • Increased activity and engagement
  • Abundance in community

Currency experiment brought to you by the Currency Skunks!! Join us on Clubhouse as we talk NFTs, Holochain, Currency Experiments & more!

@polyannie and @kerrgreg1 on Clubhouse

Email: polyannie01@gmail.com




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