Our lives are made up by a series of decisions we make. How do you navigate the pathways of your life? Who’s really in control?

This NFT art collection is based on my performances at Exxxotica NJ in October 2021.

Released exclusively on xxxNifty, adult NFT marketplace.

There are 9 1/1 NFTs in this series. Including the physical painting created live at the event, my hair that I cut on stage and some cool NFT collectibles!!

For this collection I’m going to focus less on the extras and more on capturing moments from the event and making those available for NFT ownership. As a performance artist, this is an area I’ve not completely explored yet in the NFT space. This can act as documentation of this part of my work, while creating collectible moments for my supporters to add to their NFT collections.

All 9 pieces in the Pathways Collection

Each NFT buyer will also receive a commemorative Exxxotica NJ NFT and access to my collectors club- Poly’s People- which gets you access to all the behind the scenes of my art creations and strategy, exclusive merch, discounts on items & other cool stuffs. Once all the pieces are sold I have 2 bonus NFTs I’ll be raffling off to the buyers.

Pieces range from $275-$5000.

About the Exxxotica performances….

My time at Exxxotica NJ was dynamic. Over 3 days I painted 2x on stage, presented 2 fire dancing performances & led 3 adult NFT seminars.

The paintings are live improv abstract performances where I use only my body to paint the canvas.

I pick out my colors the day of the performance but have no vision of how the painting will look. This was my second live painting done in front of a live audience. Watch video here.

Photos by: Joseph Munisteri

That day I was feeling purple, and the purple I found was perfect! The white is metallic and when seen in person and up close adds a nice element to the overall piece. I also chose fluorescent orange and green. These colors glow under a blacklight and really stood out with the lighting on the stage.

Photos by: Joseph Munisteri

My fire performance on Saturday night was a piece about sexual oppression throughout history. I feel like that piece deserves its own blog. Read it here.

The NFTs capture the painting and the fire performances through short videos, photos and artistic collages. Check them out here!

Why Pathways?

Who’s really in control?

I spent several days contemplating a name for the piece, which would be the name of the whole collection. To me it looks like roads, paths through dark chaos. And so pathways was decided. When I look at the painting and think about Exxxotica and connect all the dots, the main thing that came to mind was “Who’s really in control”. It’s a thing me and my Exxxotica buddy say, one of our little inside banters. But it is perfect for the collection as a whole. Since freedom is a pillar of my existence, I’m always very aware of the decisions I make and where my personal compass directs me. But it never really all makes sense until time is taken to reflect back and connect all the dots.

Sometimes I think -how did I get here so far from home…Painting on stage, making a mess, cutting my hair, making my living from decentralized digital currencies? What decisions were made that threw me onto the pathways to be here doing all this? It was a fun thing to ponder. And so this whole collection, that whole experience in NJ, tells the story of both oppression and of freedom. We are not often taught how to navigate life for ourselves but how to live in accordance with the framework & flows already established. And to a certain degree we have to exist within many of those frames but there are many areas of choice. And if you don’t decide for yourself, somebody else will make that decision for you.

One way I’ve found to help me stay authentic in my life and flow nicely through all the pathways is to determine my core values. Reassessing every year what three traits are important to me. Currently they are Freedom, Generosity and Recognition. Clarity about what motivates me, inspires me and gives me purpose helps me feel confident about taking risks and my ability to navigate any situation. And because I know myself and I trust myself, I can flow through life in an ever progressive way.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the new collection and found some depth in the meaning of it all.

I’ll be attending Exxxotica DC on Dec 3–5, 2021 and creating another live painting! Follow me on my socials to stay updated.

We exist 💛 — PolyAnnie



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